Sweet Paws Cat Calming Oil

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Introducing the Sweet Paws Cat Calming Oil, an expertly formulated blend designed specifically for your feline companion's comfort and tranquility during stressful situations. Whether it's loud noises, unfamiliar visitors, travel, or other anxiety-inducing events, our all-natural calming solution will help your cat navigate these situations with ease and grace.

Our Cat Calming Oil comprises only the best, meticulously sourced ingredients:

  1. Grapeseed Oil: Packed with healthy fats and boasting anti-inflammatory properties, Grapeseed Oil serves as an ideal carrier for our calming blend.

  2. CBD and CBN: These non-psychoactive hemp-derived components work together to foster relaxation, diminish anxiety, and instill a sense of calm.

  3. Melatonin: This natural hormone plays a crucial role in sleep regulation. In cats, Melatonin aids in reducing restlessness, managing anxiety, and promoting deep, restful sleep.

Sweet Paws Cat Calming Oil is an excellent choice for pet parents seeking a safe, natural alternative to harsh pharmaceuticals. It's easy to administer - simply add it directly to your cat's food or give it orally. With our calming oil, you can ensure your feline friend is at their most comfortable, even in high-stress situations. Trust in Sweet Paws – the natural choice for feline peace and tranquility.

Please note: Sweet Paws Cat Calming Oil is exclusively available in a savory Roasted Chicken flavor, making every dose a delightful treat for your cat.

Dosage Instructions:

Administering Sweet Paws Cat Calming Oil is straightforward and dependent on your cat's weight:

  1. For cats 0-10lbs: Administer 1/2 dropper of Sweet Paws Cat Calming Oil. This gentle dose is perfect for our smaller feline friends to help ease stress and anxiety.

  2. For cats 10-20lbs: Administer 1 full dropper. This dose is tailored to mid-sized cats, ensuring they receive the maximum benefit from our natural ingredients.

  3. For cats 20lbs and over: Administer 2 full droppers. Our larger feline friends require a slightly higher dose of our calming oil to fully benefit from its calming properties.

Start with a lower dose and adjust as needed. Remember, each cat is unique and their response may vary. Always monitor your pet after administration to ensure they're comfortable and calm. If you have any concerns or if your pet is currently taking other medications, consult with your veterinarian. Trust in Sweet Paws – for a serene, stress-free pet.