Sweet Recovery - 100 MG CBD Capsules - 30 Count

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Sweet Recovery

  • Sweet Recovery 30ct: SRP $69.99
  • 100 mg CBD per capsule
  • 50 mg CBG per capsule
  • 5 mg CBN per capsule
  • CoQ10
  • Curcumin

Slash through your pain using a formula with CBD and CBG levels never seen on the market before now.  

Whether you put in the time at the gym or on the job, you need something STRONG that simultaneously combats pain, helps with recovery, and gets to work repairing your body. Sweet Recovery capsules provide the tools to do all three.

Sweet Recovery contains extremely high levels of pain relieving and muscle relaxing CBD and CBG, with an added bonus of CBN to relax your mind and body. Also present in this formula are anti-inflammatory Curcumin and CoQ10 which repairs your body on a cellular level. With Sweet Recovery you can finally relax knowing your body is getting the pain relief AND recovery it so desperately needs.