At Sweet Life, our number one priority is to provide you with the highest quality CBD products on the market today. We are different from other CBD companies because we provide only the purest CBD, CBG and CBN isolates in our products. Because the CBD industry is relatively new, there is a lack of regulation in the market. This means that many CBD companies out there are able to claim to have a higher amount of CBD in their products than they actually do. We have noticed that labeling on these products may claim to have a certain amount of CBD but upon closer inspection contain more hemp oil than actual CBD. At Sweet Life, we use a process called the liquid chromatography method to ensure that each item contains 100% pure CBD, CBG and CBN, to create an extremely effective product with no filler. Additionally, all our batches come with a Certificate of Analysis that guarantees 0% THC. These methods in which we derive our cannabinoids and then test, ensure a CBD product you can have 100% confidence in its purity and effectiveness.

No, CBD cannot get you high. None of our products contain THC which is the psychoactive in marijuana that causes the “high” and may be habit forming. Each batch that we produce comes with a Certificate of Analysis from an independent third party- tester which ensures that each of our products contain 0% THC.

CBD should not show up on a drug test. Because our products do not contain THC (the psychoactive element in marijuana) you should have no problem passing a UA, hair follicle or blood test. However, because the CBD industry is a largely unregulated market, there are many CBD brands out there that claim to have under a certain amount of THC but do not. Because of this, it is possible to fail a drug test if using a CBD product that contains an unverified amount of THC. At Sweet Life CBD, for every batch we produce, we provide a Certificate of Analysis from an independent third-party tester to ensure that each product contains 0% THC.

No, CBD is non- addictive and may actually be helpful in treating certain substance use disorders. The World Health organization has stated that “CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential” and that it “is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile”.

Our CBD products are safe enough to take every day. Some people prefer to use our products daily at a certain time to create a consistent regimen and maintain consistent levels of CBD in their bodies while others prefer to take them on an as needed basis. For example, some of our pro athletes take CBD every day after training or events to reduce inflammation, manage pain, and relax tense muscles (Sweet Vibes capsule, Sweet Moves topical, extra strength 1500 mg CBD + 150mg CBG or 3000 mg CBD + 300 mg CBG Sweet Drops are highly effective for athletes). Others prefer to take our Sweet Dreams CBD capsules every evening before bed to keep their sleep schedule consistent and undisturbed throughout the night.

Within the United States TSA states that products with no more than .3% THC are safe to travel with. Because any products that contain more than .3% THC are illegal under federal law, it is extremely important to ensure your CBD products have less than .3% THC. Each batch of our products come with its own certification of 0% THC and the proper labeling on the container making them stress free to travel with.

We use three main cannabinoid isolates:

CBD (Cannabidiol)- CBD can have great analgesic, antibacterial and antidepressant properties. We extract the CBD from hemp which contains 0% THC. There are many benefits to using CBD that can include: anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation, treatment of chronic pain and insomnia which CBD does by interacting with the endocannabinoid system.

CBG (Cannabigerol)- Also non intoxicating, CBG is sometimes referred to as “the mother of all cannabinoids”. CBG has antidepressant, antibacterial and anti-anxiety properties but works by targeting the central nervous system as well as the endocannabinoid system. When combined with CBD, it can cause an “entourage effect” which further enhances and increases the properties of CBD.

CBN (Cannabinol)- CBN or “the sleepy cannabinoid” has similar antianxiety, anti inflammatory and pain relief properties that CBD has but does so through different mechanisms of action. One of the largest benefits to incorporating CBN into our products is the calming and sedative effects CBN possess. When incorporated into a daily routine or taken as needed, CBN can help treat your insomnia or promote a consistent and restful sleep cycle.