Kratom: The Truth

Kratom: The Truth

Posted by Raquel Pace on 10th Jan 2022

Why Natural Doesn't Always Mean Safe

If you’ve been seeing signs stating “Kratom Sold Here” and wondering “what IS that?” you are not alone. If you’ve never heard of Kratom and are wondering what it has to do with CBD, this post is also for you.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is from the coffee family and it’s tree leaves are consumed in multiple ways from capsules and tea to powder. It is often touted as a pain killer in place of opiates, mind booster and helps with depression and relaxation. Kratom is thought to affect the body through it’s opioid receptors. At different levels it is believed to reduce pain and cause euphoria while at other levels it may cause drowsiness.

Sounds Like A Great Alternative To Opiates…Right?

When people see the word “natural” they often think it means “safe”. Though Kratom is natural, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always safe. While possessing some positive qualities like those mentioned above, Kratom has been found to have many uncomfortable and even dangerous side effects. The following list (while not exhaustive IS quite extensive) contains some of these side effects.

Side Effects of Kratom:

Altered mental state


Dry mouth

Increased urination

Tongue numbness






Difficulty breathing



Liver damage

Muscle pain

Additionally, one of the big selling points for Kratom is that it’s non-addictive and can even help with opioid addiction. People are finding however, that it’s possible to become dependent on Kratom, experience withdrawals and at high levels there's the possibility of overdose. Moreover, it may be dangerous to consume Kratom with other prescription medication causing “abnormal brain function”. If that weren’t enough, Salmonella has been found in Kratom causing multiple people to fall ill in several states.

One simple google search will show you a myriad of sources, doctors and organizations warning people to stay away from Kratom, but sellers are not always upfront about these side affects.

What does this have to do with CBD?

Good question, while CBD and Kratom are not the same, they are both touted as natural alternatives to painkillers and depression aides. While CBD does affect each person differently, it is generally well tolerated as stated by the World Health Organization and has a good safety profile, unlike Kratom. CBD can be a highly effective alternative to painkillers to help with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and more.

With any natural product it is vital to be well informed on the way it acts upon your body, how and where the company sources ingredients and if they have reliable tests to ensure the claims they make are true. Sweet Life CBD always third-party tests each batch to guarantee there is 0% THC (the mind altering component) and tests to confirm there is exactly the amount of CBD as labeled. With these assurances, as well as honest and reliable educational articles found in Sweet Life’s blog section, you can try CBD with peace of mind.