Could CBD and CBG Help Protect You Against COVID-19?

Could CBD and CBG Help Protect You Against COVID-19?

Posted by Raquel Pace on 13th Jan 2022

We are excited to bring attention to studies that have recently come out regarding CBD and CBG’s potential usefulness against COVID-19 infection.

While there are many health benefits to taking these cannabinoids, new studies suggest they could be effective in protection against COVID-19 and even help with treatment of early stage infection.

Sweet Life CBD delivers products with the highest combination of CBD and CBG on the market today. Because of this, these new findings suggest our products could not only be effective for ailments like insomnia, chronic pain and anxiety, but could also help in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

While these studies are not conclusive, and are not a replacement for vaccinations, they do provide hope for alternative and safe ways to both protect and prevent COVID-19.

Here at Sweet Life CBD, we want to provide you not only with the highest quality CBD products, but the information around it for safe and effective usage. 

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Global News: Ontario University Study Shows CBD May Offer Some Protection Against COVID-19.