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About Us

We created Sweet Life Brands wellness products with the desire and passion of improving the quality of life of everyone. Our understanding of the many health benefits of CBD and upon realization that existing CBD brands were simply in business to maximize margins within a new industry, we decided to create Sweet Life CBD products with the intention of bringing the wellness aspects of CBD to the consumer, in an honest fashion, at an affordable price. We are in the business of making people feel better. Life is sweet, and it deserves to be enjoyed!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Leadership Group


Jon Sutherland, CEO

Jon is a professional executive manager and entrepreneur with vast experience across several industries. As co-founder and CEO of Sweet Life Brands Mr. Sutherland’s extensive leadership experience and diverse business management background make him an ideal leader of the organization.

When not on a conference call Jon can likely be found somewhere on the Oregon coast sand dunes, on some type of all-terrain vehicle, with his wife and three children.


Andre Pilon, COO

Andre is the cofounder and COO of Sweet Life Brands. Mr. Pilon is responsible for product development as well as the entirety of production.

He is personally responsible for the creation of each of the proprietary blends in Sweet Life products. Andre is also the cofounder and CEO of Green Brothers Farms, a Washington State recreational marijuana producer and processor. With an extensive background in the marijuana industry, and a breadth of scientific knowledge and laboratory experience, Andre is the perfect operations manager for Sweet Life products.

When not at his desk or in the lab, Andre can be found at your local racetrack or taking in the current Nascar event.


Mike “Tiny” Metzger, President of Sales

Tiny is the sales professional within the ownership team. With an extensive history servicing the convenience store market for a range of industries, Mr. Metzger brings the professional sales experience to the organization’s ownership team.

When not on the road with sales travel, Tiny can be found devouring anything and everything Pittsburgh Steelers related with his wife and four kids. Despite this misplaced NFL fanaticism, he is a great guy and talented Sales Manager.


Cayne Bowman, CFO

Cayne Bowman is the resident financial professional of the Sweet Life team. As cofounder and CFO of Green Brothers Farms, a Washington State recreational marijuana producer and processor, Cayne also has extensive experience with the marijuana and CBD industries.

Cayne has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in finance and a minor in accounting from Western Washington University. He is a broker, turned banker, turned accountant, turned entrepreneur, and has extensive professional financial and business management experience.

If away from his desk, Cayne can be found in the local poker game.